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A riveting tale of a family’s fabric unravelled by one false strand

When the secret John’s kept hidden for a lifetime is exposed in a defining moment, he is set free from a double life—but at a price.

Devastated by her husband’s betrayal, Phoebe leaps at a work opportunity abroad to escape the family turmoil and consider her future. While in London, she stumbles into a love affair more intense than she thought possible and is faced with an impossible choice.

Meanwhile, Seth and Mercedes, tangled in their own teenage turbulence, struggle to come to terms with their parents’ unravelling lives.

Not just a love story—this is a riveting exploration of a family’s truth, lies and redemption. An unforgettable and uplifting read for anyone who has ever hidden a secret, been betrayed or lost someone they deeply love.




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Shit Happens is my first published work under the pen name of Doona Moolands.  The book is basically a collection of chapters detailing the foibles and missteps during the course of my every day; except the incidents are not so every day. 

In this book, I have stepped outside my comfort zone and slipped into chronic over-share mode in a warts and all account of these events.  From the stupid things I did or endured in my childhood to the introduction of my husband and children in my life, right up to present day where I am back at work.  Sadly, I am still living future chapters for the next book as incidents continue to happen to me.  Right now as I write this, I’ve just had a “Shit Happens” moment where I sent a comical text peppered with expletives and innuendo to my sister, but had mistakenly sent it to someone else with the same name, with whom I have a professional relationship.  So all of a sudden I have been thrust into that “outer body” feeling as the colour drains from my face, my heart starts to thud heavily in my chest and I try to recover my equilibrium just long enough to piece together an apology that will go some way into explaining the mishap and hopefully gaining an acceptance of the apology.  I guess this is going to be my lot in life, always. 
As a newly published Author, there is much angst that goes into writing a book of anecdotes like this as other people are inevitably woven into the tales.  I have given the characters who feature heavily in this book, my husband and children, Superhero names.  All other family members have been given names that are either suited to their behaviour, appearance or status in the family.  I have gone to this measure to protect their identity… and to ensure I don’t drag everyone down into my own private hell with me. 

All of the events and occurrences in the book have actually happened to me and have been written about from my, albeit unorthodox, perspective.  My written work is much like my verbal telling of tales, so those who know me will be picturing me animatedly reliving the incident they are reading about.  An abundance of laughter has gone into the creation of this book and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed not only living the events but telling them as well.

Doona Moolands

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